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Haven't been HERE in a while, but I wanted to just let you know how it's going in band-land here.

First of all, as you know, Rockin' Horse has been trying out different lead guitarists... it's difficult to find that "magic" fit that we had with Jeff Pardi, but we have found some very talented people who give us hope... 

First of all, David Bell and Maribeth McCormick of the BellCurve Duo (and David, also being a former member of Rockin' Horse) have done a beautiful job filling in for us!!  We sincerely thank them!!

Next, Dean (Jeff) Jeffries has joined us, with his amazing lick for lick guitar playing and what a great guy he is too!!!  He could be our guy but....

Due to the fact that Jeff (new Jeff) might have to go back up north for a while to be with his elderly father, and not knowing exactly how long he will be there, we are still searching for a lead guitar/lead singer to join us.  Meanwhile, we will be using both Jeff and David/Maribeth for Rockin' Horse gigs at this time.  

That is it my friends.. Just wanted you faithful followers of CINDY LAWLESS to get the inside scoop!!!  Don't tell anyone else now!!  That would take away YOUR special standing here... Tell your friends to check out my site and also to join the NEWSLETTER.  Remember... if you join the newsletter, you will get a weekly email and any last minute updates re: band schedules.  You have to confirm it when the webmaster sends YOU an email, by clicking on the link in the body of the email.  If you don't see an email after joining.. check your spam folder.. it may be there...

ta-ta now... and ttyl I'm sure!!  Cindy

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