Cindy Lawless

New Development!!

It seems that suddenly, the duo is back in demand.  Dave and I are very excited to have received a call from La Ola (Ft. Myers Beach) asking us to fill a date this Friday (May 22nd)... We usually keep Fri/Sat for Rockin' Horse, but we weren't able to get this one booked sooooo... we took the duo date!!  It may turn out to be a regular Wednesday gig... so if any of you can come out and support us there with your presence.. that would be AWWWesome.... (spoken in a sing songy tone)!!  This week our gigs are slim, but the following week we're slammed... so I'm just going to kick back and roll with it.  The duo will be called Flash Forward (reviving our old band name)... I have the cards and the banner so we're in business!!!  What the hey!!! :-D

That's it for now... tah-tah....

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